Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dreaming it up: S01E01

After finishing her earlier mission, where she lost a comrade and wasn't even given the time to grieve, she was now undercover holding number 16. Little did the guy holding number 4 know about it. Yet another evil weed she had to clean out. This time a couple. Everything was going according to plan, when the number 4 guy took pity on the condition of the undercover role she was in and talked to her to help her out.

She went along with his idea to save her cover. He took her to the camp area, where she originally belonged, after telling her about his plan to save her and how he had 4 others who could help him. One of them was Robin and she know it immediately although he used the code word to describe him.

But when they got to the camp, a bunch of guys with number 4s stopped them, guided the guy to a room on the left and asked her to continue ahead.  The number 4 guy asked her to wait there and said that he will be back soon.  But it was the camp and she knew it better than him.  So she walked towards the main hall.

As she was getting closer, there was a huge commotion. She rushed there. She saw Burt with his hand on his forehead.  "What happened?", she asked him. He said that the rest of their team were off to floor 12 and that a fight had broken out.

"Floor 12? Where is Robin?"

Burt didn't say anything. She shook him and asked again.  "He is gone...",  Burt said with tearful eyes, as he got up and hurried to floor 12.

The fight was beginning to break out right there.  She rushed out of there, went to that special room where number 4 went.  The guards didn't allow her to enter.  She pushed them and knocked open the door. Everyone turned around. The number 4 guy was looking at her in astonishment.  But he wasn't who she was looking for.  The group cleared to reveal Arthur.  He was bringing up this army of number 4s. Arthur told her that she wasn't supposed to be there. She ignored it and asked him how long he had been locked up there.  Sensing the tone of her voice filled with anger and sadness, Arthur asked what has happened. "Robin is gone".  she managed to say before she ran out in a frenzy.

An angered Arthur gave the command to attack.  She could sense the tears within the group. Many knew Robin.

She raced ahead and had gotten into her fury mode. There was a red aura around her.  She had claws like a wolf. "Feed the fury", she screamed out her war cry.  That old evil general was now waiting at the base and trying to close the door on them.  She grabbed him and hurled him to such a distance that he was smashed and went up in pieces.

The fury form of hers and Arthur's army rushed to join the rest of our team in the battle for Robin.


Dreaming it up, is a series about my actual dreams. I have always had vivid dreams and have been able to remember a good portion of my dreams since childhood. So I finally thought I would pen it down.

You can find the whole series here: Dreaming it up 

Disclaimer: I do take some creative liberty to formulate it into a readable post.