Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Dreaming it up: S01E04

If they had any chance of escaping, it was now! But one has to crack the formula to open the damn door! Rob suggests he has a fair idea about it and they gather together and try to figure it out. Right about then, Amy bangs her head on the glass table. Blood is pouring and it doesn't seem to affect her.

What the ....!

It was almost as if she was possessed! The rest of them try to hold her back, but she uses the blood and the crack on the glass table to draw the formula and the exit plan before snapping out of the possessed state.

They try the formula and it works! There is no time to think about what and how this happened. They had to escape! They decide to split up such that Pam follows the exit plan and the rest shall act as a diversion. After what seems like days, everyone, although badly wounded, have made it back to their homes. However, there has been no news about Pam.

At Pam's house, the doorbell rings. Pam's mom opens the door. The girl introduces herself as one of Pam's old friends, Alex. Pam's mom is flustered and tries her best to hide it. She instinctively knows that it wasn't a friend of Pam's, but she has to play along to save her child.

Pam's mom invites her in and gives her some coffee and snacks. She tells her that Pam is on a business trip and wasn't sure when she will be back. Alex continues to chitchat and asks her about a lot of things, about the house, about Pam etc. Quite some time has passed and right when Alex was about to leave, they hear a doorbell.  Pam's mom is scared. But she maintains her composure and walks to the door.

She is surprised to see a delivery man with a storage box delivery. He nods at her. She understands and asks him to place it inside the bedroom. She signs for it and closes the door. She turns to look at Alex who is now suspicious of the box.

"Alex dear, would you like to stay back for lunch? I could whip us both a quick something. I hardly see much of Pam or Pam's friends around!"

"Thanks for the offer, Mrs. Sanders. Unfortunately, I have a flight to catch and will have to take your leave. Another time for sure."

"Of course, my dear. Thanks for coming by. It was lovely to meet you."

"See you."

She closes the door after Alex, locks it and goes to the room with the storage box, acts as if she tripped and knocks the box and hears a knock in response. She knows she is being watched through the windows.

Pam's mom goes about her usual business, cooks cleans, eats lunch, watches TV. As it approaches her siesta time, she goes to the room, gets the bed ready and closes the curtains. She quickly opens the storage box. Pam gets out and hugs her crying mother.

Days have passed. Pam and team are back on their mission.

The men have escaped. Pam and her sister are after them. They are followed by dogs. But these dogs have maggots in them. They should be dead!

What in the world is happening? 

They shoot the dogs and pursue their chase. They enter a theatre. A show is going on. The men try to hide themselves among the background artists; but the girls are sharp. Pam and her sister see right through them and catch hold of them.

Another hour and it all ends.

An untimely and unfortunate earthquake happens and Pam loses her grip on the guy. The earthquake stops. Pam and her sister get out of the rubble. The guy has run away and the other guy is dead. They go through his bag. There is nothing. He was a diversion.

Time is running, they run outside and try to track him. But it's almost impossible with all the rubble.

All is lost...

"I loved him... Do you think I let him go?"

"What are you talking about, Pam?? It was an unfortunate event. Stop blaming yourself! Without you, we wouldn't have even made it this far. If you wanted him to escape, you would have done that long ago!"

"You're right. I won't give up! We still have some time left on our hands. I'm going to find him and end this or die trying! You have to go back to mom. She can't lose both of us..."

"I'm coming! I can help."

"No! This is my path and I want to walk it alone. Please go back. I will find him and I will come back to you. I promise..."



Dreaming it up, is a series about my actual dreams. I have always had vivid dreams and have been able to remember a good portion of my dreams since childhood. So I finally thought I would pen it down.

You can find the whole series here: Dreaming it up 

Disclaimer: I do take some creative liberty to formulate it into a readable post.