Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Possessed: Prologue

In the emptiness of the Marginen Hill, also known to be the very boundary between Heaven and Hell, there stood two souls drowned in love.

 “They will never let this happen, and I cannot live without you. I love you Algas!” Eril’s beautiful eyes were filled with tears.

“Nothing will come in the way of our love, my princess. Neither power, nor magic!” spoke Algas.

Taking Eril in his arms, Algas entered an abandoned cave. Placing her carefully on the ground, he stared into the dark world outside.
“How long do you suppose we can stay here?” asked Eril.

“For as long as we face death. They will kill us on sight; you know that, don’t you?”

“All this while we have just been running and hiding from them. Maybe it is time we stopped that and lived together. Let us leave everything behind and start our new life here, till we are found... ”

Algas turned around to look at Eril, the woman who had stolen his heart, the woman who meant more than anything to him, the woman who gave up everything for him, the woman he should have never met.

“This should have never happened. I can’t forgive myself for what I’ve done.” Algas faltered as he spoke.

“But it has happened, my love and it is not your fault. It’s destiny. I do not regret a single moment. I want to be with you always even if it is for a day, if that is what life offers us!”

“My life is meaningless without you. I love you Eril!”
“I love you too Algas. Let us forget the pain for as long as we can. Let’s live…”

True love and passion overcame fear and pain that day…

--to be continued--

Possessed started as a fan-fiction of the game Ragnarok Online.

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kArthIk said...

Nice...go on...don't turn this into another 1001 nights..:D